Technical Services

One enterprise with multiple IT and network systems can result in confusion, inefficiency and decreased productivity. Whether you plan to implement new systems or improve the integration of existing solutions, we have global experience and in-depth understanding of the industry will design and transform your enterprise into one streamlined and optimally-functional entity.

Our proven methodologies and Strategic alliances with leading technology players enable us to deliver cost-effective integration services that are steady, scalable, smart, and innovative and result oriented for your business.

Contract Definition
  • Define and agree on Product Architecture
  • Define and agree on Entry of required customizations
  • Define and agree on scope of Work
  • Define and agree on initial Project Plan
  • Define and agree on initial staffing plan
  • Define and agree on work orders
  • Define and agree on contract
Project Initiation
  • Define& agree on Steering Committee
  • Define & agree on Project Charter
  • Plan and schedule implementation analysis meetings.
  • Conduct Project Kick-off meeting to review and agree on project scope with a wider audience.
Project Management
  • Ensure signed a contract, Work Order, Scope of work and Implementation Analysis are delivered to the agreed Project Plan.
  • Manage changes in scope, effort or cost within the boundaries of the project charter, creating contract Amendments, Change Orders and updates to project plan and staffing plan as required.
  • Monitor progress and measure against the plan.
  • Detect and mitigate risks.
  • Manage, resolve and escalate issues
  • Ensure scope change and change control processes are followed.
Implementation Planning
  • Conduct Implementation Analysis meetings.
  • Refine and agree on product architecture, data model, solution design.
  • Review and update the project plan, Staffing plan.
  • Sign off implementation Analysis.
Product Configuration
  • Develop Detailed Configuration Plan.
  • Configure the software.
Architecture, Environments, Performance
  • Refine and agree on Technical architecture and performance requirements
  • Refine and agree on system software and hardware requirements
  • Setup and manage migration and testing and production environments.
  • Tune performance.
Custom Development
  • Develop detailed custom software development plan.
  • Develop custom software detailed design.
Interface Development
  • Develop Interfaces to internal and external programs to meet interface requirements and the solution agreed in implementation analysis.
  • Build Interfaces.
Unit Test
  • Develop and sign off unit test plans.
  • Unit test configured software products.
  • Unit test custom software and interfaces.
  • Sign off unit test results.
Integration Testing
  • Develop and sign off Integration Test Plan.
  • Integrated Test Integrated product configuration, custom software, and interfaces.
  • Sign off integration test results.
  • Develop mitigation plan for open issues.
  • Agree on deployment approach.
  • Perform deployment readiness assessment.
  • Deploy solution and retire legacy system.