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You have come to the right place. We deploy hardware and software cybersecurity solutions to protect sensitive computer networks in companies, administrations as well as multi-site organizations. Our solution meets the need for companies of all sizes with several integrations without compromising on performance. Our solution gives you total control over threats to your network and ensures that intrusive and malicious attempts are timely detected and quarantined.

Network Security


Data Security


System Security

Remote Access Security

Complete Data Security and Backup


Data security services by design are meant to protect critical business data from devious access and misuse. They protect Organizational Data Files from viruses, malware, theft and deletion. Our solution helps businesses with data protection through steps including authorization, authentication, data encription and password management. Data security is incomplete without the overall system security of the organization so that the system is threat-aware and safe from attacks. 


We offer professional backup solutions to ensure the sustainability of your data. Our solution provides a complete 360 degree data protection and recovery in case of a cyber attact or accidentaly data loss. We also offer secure and outsourced backup and storage systems. These solutions meet the needs of companies wishing to protect the data of each mobile user and that of the company. We partition the most sensitive data to prevent possible data loss. The outsourcing of saved data ensures that that the overall system is not impacted in the event of incidents. As a result, ransomware, malware or data hacking can be thwarted.


System Security and Remote Access Security

Our solution provides total security and complete protection of your system. Our on-premise or cloud-based  Antivirus solutions guarantee protection against internal and external threats. Our solutions are highly efficient, intuitive and have no effect on the performance of the system. Additionally, our systems protect your messaging gateway and the company’s infrastructure.

Our solution responds effectively to the major cyberattacks. Spam, viruses, phishing, spoofing, and spyware. These attacks generally originate from legitimate-looking emails. We deploy spam blocking systems including filtering, antivirus and SMTP relay with retention of mail flow which is ideal in the event of a network outage. This solution provides first-class defense capabilities to mail servers for small and large businesses.

Securing a remote connection with the information system of your company requires care and technical master as it is an open door to your company and your data. Today, wifi is the most used connection method for mobile users. The use of insecure systems using free Wi-Fi access considerably increases the risk of intrusion into your network.

Our solution caters to these challenges and offers a connected solution to your networks such as SSL VPN for remote offices (telephone and mobile users=, and IP-sec VPN for site-to-site connections. These systems have a high level of security to easily ensure secure communication to your corporate network.

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