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Media Solutions

We are a pioneer in advanced interactive TV and entertainment solutions for IPTV and OTT operators. Our Turnkey solution has been successfully deployed for IPTV and OTT use by several ISP’s and broadband providers around the globe.The solution is a customizable IPTV and OTT software platform for delivering TV,  Video-On- Demand, and interactive TV services to end users in any IP-based network.

Media Services

We provide state of the art TV services to end users.TV services are delivered to the STB devices in the operator managed the network, as well as to STB and mobile devices, and later PCs in the public Internet. We enable THE PROVIDER to offer Linear TV, Electronic Program Guide, Catch Up TV, several types of recordings, Video on Demand and other interactive TV services to the end users, on several devices, anytime, anywhere.

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