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Who We Are

With focus on Telecom, the Alma group spreads across the world with hundreds of resources in most continents including Europe, Africa & Asia to serve the needs of Telecom operators. Alma IT and its sub-brand MAMB have been cooperating with Vendors and Operators to deliver enterprise needs mainly in the areas of IT, Core network and Infrastructure. Alma prides itself on building a long-lasting relationship.

Our ability to offer first and second-hand Radio/Transmission/Power/Wi-Fi networks coupled with our own cost effective solutions is essential for Telecom Operators to reduce their capital expenses while increasing ARPU. Our Integrated CRM+ERP+DMS+POS along with Churn Management and more are pushing the envelope through digital age. Our Corporate Cloud offering is already helping service providers to increase their revenue streams while our Mobile Money solution is opening faster channels even in Rural areas. We specialise in Business Monetisation that enables ease of management, reduction in IT cost, improved IT services and reliability, ability to focus on core competencies, etc. Whether you are planning for a new Application System or revamping an existing Network Infrastructure, Alma can provide expert advice to help you make the most of available funding to meet the immediate IT needs.

Our Experts at Work

Microwave installation

Microwave installation by our experts at MTN

Generator Swap

The logistic shipment, deinstallation and installation of a new generator at MTN

Network Optimization

Evolving and expanding a network to meet ever-changing demands from consumers and business

Telecom Site Upgrade

Upgrading and extending the capacity of a site for a major operator in West Africa

Power Project

Installation of hybrid batteries and solar panels at Warid

Power Project

High voltage project linking Brazzaville to Mindouli

Data Center

Data center on behalf airtel congo

Fiber Project

Project delivery and installation fiber on behalf congo telecom

Where We Work

Where We Work

Streamline your Business

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